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Feromon Exi (NEW PRODUCT)

Cara Baru Membasmi Ulat Bawang (Spodoptera exigua) Hama ulat bawang (Spodoptera sp.) hingga saat ini masih menjadi momok bagi petani Bawang Merah di Indonesia. Tidaklah heran jika petani bersedia menyediakan biaya yang cukup besar untuk mengendalikan dan membasminya. Meski serangga ulat bawang dewasa hanya kawin satu kali selama hidupnya, namun serangga ulat bawang betina mampu menghasilkan telur 500 -1.000 butir/ ekor dari setiap perkawinannya. Dapat dibayangkan tanpa pengendalian yang tepat, peningkatan populasi akan berlipat dengan cepat. Melalui proses penelitian dan [...]


Probiotic Microorganism Isolated from Indonesian Nature Reduce your chemical fertilizers by 50 % Increase your yield by 20 % Restore soil fertility Establish a more crumb soil structure Plants more resistant to disease More leaf greaner Prevent most of root’s diseases Making higher adsorption of nutrients for soil Accelerate composting Paking : 1 litre in Plastic bottle

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NUSAGRI (Nusantara Agritech) was established on 1988, is one of the pioneers in exploitation and processing of Zeolite minerals in Indonesia for used in Agricultural and multi sectors. The founders are young businessmen come from a new Indonesian generation which have high education in engineering and agricultural technology. Our company currently has several line of business, the products marketed in local and export markets to many countries: Indonesian Local Market, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Australia, Jamaica, Finlandia. OUR PRODUCTS: ZEOLITE/MINERALS: ZEOLITE for Agriculture, Aquaculture & Feed [...]

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Zeolite is a natural mineral which have unique characteritics & valuable properties The story of zeolites began in 1756 when Axel Cronstedt, a Swedish mineralogist collected a suite of well-formed crystals from a copper mine in Lapmark, Sweden. He named these minerals -ZEOLITES- which means in Greek “boiling stones” in allusion to their peculiar frothing characteristics when heated. Although nearly fifty different species of zeolites recognized over the years, only a few investigation of major geological significance were carried out. [...]

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