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CARBO is porous solid materials which have wide surface area in the range of 700 – 1,300 m2/ gr. CARBO is produced by activation process from selective coconut shell charcoal. Coconut shell has good characteristic in hardness, small & medium pore distribution, and impurities content in the intrinsic pore. Our technology innovation, especially in energy recovery, has reduced energy cost as our biggest fraction of production after raw material.

Therefore, we could offer quality product with very competitive price. The activation process is done by using steam at high temperature of 800 – 1,100 °C, without using additional chemical substances. CARBO is food grade. Because of its special characteristic of surface area and pore structures, our CARBO has ability to adsorb specific chemical matters in liquid or in gas phase.

Industrial process :

  • Sugar/ glucose/ fructose industry
  • Mono sodium glutamate industry
  • Cooking oil industry
  • Soft drink
  • Pharmacy industry
Pollution control :
  • Waste water treatment
  • Air pollution control
  • Gas purification
  • Odor control
Others :
  • Water treatment
  • Heavy Elements removal
  • Solvent recovery
  • Slow release fertilizer
  • Disposed ozone treatment
  • Cigarette filter
  • Refrigerator
  • Catalyst

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