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CHARCO is a brand of our high quality product of charcoal made by coconut shell or mixed wood. It is made by selective materials that are collected in Java Island and around Indonesia archipelago. Produced by special technology in firing process. The high quality of charcoal could not produced by a short time firing process, to find a high quality is need enough time in firing.

The raw material of Coconut Shell is fired at temperature 300 – 500°C, and the raw materials of mixed wood are fired at low temperatures 200-300°C. The firing (carbonation) process is done in absence air, to remove natural volatile components and residual moisture levels, also to release moisture & volatile content as well as to make initial pore structure of carbonaceous material. Impurities in coconuts shell charcoal are removed by screening physical processes. Our CHARCO is food grade, due to the firing process is done without using any additional chemical substances.


  1. Barbeque
  2. Hubble-Bubble/Shisha (Arabic smoking)
  3. Orchid Plant medium
  4. Absorber (low iodine number)

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