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WOODY is an alternative of activated carbon for a specific uses. It is produced by activation process from selective mixed hard wood from Java forest in Indonesia. Selected raw materials are processed at low temperatures (200-300°C) to remove natural volatile components and residual moisture levels. This is the initial carbonization step.

This is followed by activation process in high temperature (800-1100°C) in the presence of a stringently controlled flow of steam, which is used as the oxidizing medium. The activation reactor used is fluidized bed reactor with steam activation. WOODY is food grade, due to the process is done without using additional chemical substances.

Because of its special characteristic of surface area and pore structures, our WOODY has ability to adsorb specific chemical matters in liquid or in gas phase. Because of its lower specific gravity than CARBO coconut shell activated carbon, it could be used for a special application, which need lighter adsorbent

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