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Benefits: Zeofeed

  • PH buffer
  • Balancing electrolite dilution
  • Fasten the disturber ion and also the poisonous heavy elements
  • As catalyst in enzymatic reactions
  • Feed will be digested more perfect
  • More feed nutrients will available to absorb by animal’s organ
  • To eliminate bad effect of mycotoxin
  •  Good for animals feed : shrimp, fish, poultry, livestock and pets 
  • POWDER 150 – 200 Mesh

Zeolite itself is not a nutrition matter. Using the Zeolite is caused of its special characteristic as a unity matter, and is not caused by its chemical components.


Effective application:

  • 2-5 % mixed to feed  (over dosage will cause a negative effect).


20 Kgs, 25 Kgs and 50 Kgs

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